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Upcoming Cultural and Environmental Events, Fair Isle
16 March 2014


Friday 23rd May, 2014.

The premiere of this highly anticipated musical event will be in the Fair Isle community hall on Friday evening, 23rd May. 'Da Fishing Hands' is a Nature of Scotland Award winning project featuring music and song inspired by documentation about Fair Isle’s fishing grounds and their changing use since 1900.



Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th May, 2014

In support of 'Da Fishing Hands' premiere, FIMETI is plannng to celebrate the isle's maritime heritage through a series of cultural and environmental activities and presentations.

These will cover the period Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th May, 2014. Activities may include puffin walks, rock pooling, official opening of the Museum, craft fair, workshops and talks on Fair Isle's maritime history, safeguarding our seas, birds, cetaceans, environmental change and 50 years of Fair Isle weather. There will also be a social evening with islanders - a great opportunity for visitors to hear the views of the isle on the subject of MPA's.

June, 2014.

The Clipperton Project:

NB. Following expedition now postposed until August, 2014.

For much of June there will be a boat offshore Fair Isle undertaking scientific studies in support of isle's quest for a marine protected area. The expedition is being run by The Clipperton Project, a group of scientists and artists dedicated to drawing attention to the marine environment and the need to protect it. The expedition members include marine biologist divers in disciplines ranging from plankton to benthic invertebrates. They will build on the database already established for the isle, incuding re-visiting some of the sites studied by the national Marine Conservation Review in 1987 and evaluating the vulnerability to trawling activity of Fair Isle's whitefish nursery areas. They hope to give a snapshot of the current health of Fair Isle's marine environment and help promote the proposal for a Demonstration and Research Marine Protected Area (MPA) for the isle. The boat has a floating laboratory "with a bounty of scientific equipment" and the group is offering to give workshops and generally interact with the isle, including the scholchildren, on the subject of the marine environment.


The above and other events such as cruise ship visits and craft fairs are also noted on our Calendar page.

Additional events may be added during the course of the year.



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