OUR BOYS - Fair Isle & World War I - Film Documentary by Fair Isle Primary School (2014)

Fair Isle Documentary Videos courtesy of Liz Musser


 Animated Film


‘When the Tall Ships came to Fair Isle’. (2011)

This animated film culminated from a series of stop-frame animations taken from drawings and music sessions held during a workshop with local children and the Fair Isle school at the Fair Isle Tall Ships event in July 2011.



  • Valerie Thom film documentary (1950`s)
  • The Queen`s Visit to Fair Isle (1960`s)
  • Breathing Space (1973)
  • Held in Trust  (STV)  (ca 1985)
  • Favourite Walks with Bill Oddie (BBC) (ca 1985)
  • Coast (BBC) (2011)
  • Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands (BBC Scotland) (2014)
  • Fair Isle: More Than Just a Cliff Edge, 25 minute documentary featuring Inge Thomson (Filmed by Andy Crabb and Peter Cutts) 2014 (Vimeo)
  • 'Da Fishing Hands'. Featuring Inge Thomson & Her Band. (filmed by Andy Crabb & Peter Cutts) 2014 (Vimeo)
  • Fair Isle: Living on the Edge. (BBC1 Scotland) (2016)


Five short videos by Mathilde Saljougui and Clement Chavanat from the French magasine 'Geo'

Below are links to five short videos of Fair Isle as its best (June 2016), filmed by the French journalist Mathilde Saljougui. They focus on the seabirds and seabird studies by the Bird Observatory and its research partners. Delightful shots of the wildlife and spectacular scenery are self-explanatory and further enhanced by the haunting music of our very own Inge Thomson. There are no spoken words but captions in French for those wishing to refresh their language skills. Enjoy!








Da Fishing Hands music premiere, (23rd May, 2014) courtesy of Tommy H Hyndman

Small Cushion Star & Fair Isle Wildlife Club (24th May, 2014) courtesy of Tommy H Hyndman 

A series of short videos aiming to give a virtual tour of the U.K.’s most remote, inhabited island - Fair Isle. Join Rachel (Barkland Croft) as she guides you round the sights and locations of the island and shares with you the stunning scenery and a look at life here. (2020)




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