The Williamson bequest

The publication of Sea Area Fair Isle has been helped by much appreciated support from the whole Williamson family. This generosity maintains a family connection which began in 1948 when Kenneth Williamson and his Faeroese wife Esther were given the task of getting the new Fair Isle Bird Observatory up and running. Bird observatories were in their infancy but Ken brought a scientific approach which set the high standard which has been the hallmark of the Bird Observatory ever since. Esther’s contribution in hosting visitors and catering in very challenging circumstances was also a vital ingredient in the Observatory’s success. Another under-appreciated contribution, made by the entire family, was in establishing a warm and close relationship with a community for whom this new venture brought material changes to daily life – happy relations which remain to this day. Integration was helped of course by their children, Hervør and Robin, for whom Fair Isle was a major part of their formative years.


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