Fair Isle is home to an internationally important population of breeding seabirds, with over 250,000 birds of  18 different species  nesting on the isle.

Each year since 1986, Fair Isle Bird Observatory has been carrying out a detailed annual Seabird Monitoring Programme funded by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC).


Fair Isle Seabird Reports for JNCC can be found in the Fair Isle Bird Observatory's Annual Reports.

Fair Isle Bird Observatory’s long run of seabird monitoring data going back to 1969 is available to view on the JNCC website. 

'Fair Isle Seabirds - annual results and long-term population trends' are also available in some of FIMETI Newsletters 'Making Waves'.  (eg Newsletter No 10, March 2013, pages 11 to 19)

(The following information is courtesy of Fair Isle Bird Observatory Annual Reports. All photographs are Copyright Deryk Shaw/Fair Isle Bird Observatory.)


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